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This is ONLY for Post 135, TX

Pay Your Dues

Dues are very important to our work. Volunteers like you live real lives also and get very busy. Your dues is really your donation to help veterans and their families. Keeping your dues updated is the most important way to help.

Simply select the organization you belong to and pay your dues.

Once you pay your dues you will be directed to a form for members to update their contact information. Please use this application to update your information so that we have current contact information on you especially your email address.


The American Legion Family


We charge $1 for online processing. This charge will be noted in your receipt as a shipping charge.


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If you are on active duty today or have served during any eligible war eras you are eligible to become a Legionnaire.


To find out more click on The American Legion logo.


The Legionnaires - $30.00


American Legion Riders

Legion Veteran Program

The American Legion Riders is a Veterans program of Legion Members that ride motorcycles and are very active in the Legion and Community. To be eligible to be an American Legion Rider You must FIRST belong to The American Legion as either Legionnaire, Auxiliary, or Sons Of The American Legion. To find out more click on the The American Legion Riders logo.


The American Legion Riders - $25.00