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 Let us put aside our political opinions.  The bottom line is that we support the people who fight for our Freedom.

As Americans this is our reasonable service. Help Us Help Others.

There is no better way to help than to JOIN.  Regardless of whether you have time to volunteer, your annual $20 to $30 dues help immensely and they are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Additionally, you will have access to over 15,000 Posts nationwide.  Further, you will be subscribed to "The American Legion" magazine, a monthly publication and you'll find many other online and print resources.
If you would rather simply donate, your contribution will be greatly appreciated;
simply click here to return to our home page and use the "Donations" button.

The best way to donate is to join.

Please be assured that every penny you spend will go to help our veterans and their families.

We are The American Legion.


The American Legion Family


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If you are on active duty today or have served during any eligible war eras, you are eligible to become a Legionnaire.


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The Legionnaires - $30.00